For The Sake Of My Soul...
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Would you break my fall
when i come tumbling down?
Would you be there for me
when no one else is around?
Doubt I mean that much to you
or if im worth anything at all
Doubt you'd stick around for me
or be there to answer my call.
Everyday i spend with you
you grow on me, bit by bit.
Its hard to recall life
without you there in it.
Be strong, I tell myself;
you should mean nothing to me.
We are friends & friends only & as friendly as friends shouldnt be.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Her glossy eyes light up
a luminous hazel brown
everytime the sun streams down onto her face.
Streaks of gold highlight her soft chestnut hair
and she stares out the window,
oblivious to her beauty.
Thoughts engulf her expression
as she subconsciously tucks a stray lock
behind her diamond studded ear.
People continue their muffled chatter
around her not noticing a
frown develop on her plump lips,
contrasting against her olive skin.
A tear escapes from her eye
and she quickly wipes away the moist drop.
A quick glance around her and she settles
to comprehend the world outside her glass prison, once again.
A world of hurt and pain,
of thoughts and worries;
disguised behind a facade of beauty.
A gift? No. A curse.


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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She closes her eyes
but all she seems to be able to do is think.
Think about the different way of life she might have had.
Think about the difference between the good and the bad.
She closes her eyes
and tries to fall asleep
she refuses to surrender to defeat.
But yet she thinks.
Thinks about how it could have been different.
She sees her mistakes now;
if only she had listened.
She closes her eyes
but sees a whole new world before her.
A world that has seemed to have sunken down under.
Under the lies, the hurt and all the mistakes.
Back then it seemed like a piece of cake.
She closes her eyes
wondering why she even bothers.
This new life of hers is here to stay and to haunt her.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

This heart.
This heart feels,
feels the wind in the trees.
This heart knows,
knows there is truth out there.
This heart hurts,
hurts for the hurt souls.
This heart soars,
soars high with the eagles.
This heart longs,
longs for things to be right again.
This heart dreams,
dreams about dreams coming true.
This heart.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Im bored
some of dadio's friends are over for dinner...
hence am confined to either my room or the com room...
am throwing small paper balls at cat whos currently
perched on shelf above my head, snoozing...
i think shes dead...
stupid cat
cant even entertain me in times of severe boredom...
bumped into jeremy from aust today
at city hall mrt station...
was odd..
haha its weird when u meet someone in a certain country
and then see them again in another country..
hes my only hopeful whos gonna be stayin in
college square this yr...
ok, am gonna demand other cat to entertain me..

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Foolish child,
yet have you understood
the wonders of the world.
Foolish child,
yet have you experienced
the seasons of the earth.
Foolish child,
yet have you learnt
the difference between right & wrong.
Foolish child,
yet have you mastered the strength
to maintain strong.
Foolish child,
who do you think you are
writing this song?
gritting my teeth and clenching my fists
help me be nice!!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quick post before i go beddie byes..
witnessed the weirdest thing on sunday..
was watching tv with the dadio when suddenly we see this
bright flash outside in the distance.. like above the sea..
i, like a kaypo grabbed the binoculars but it was gone by the time
i focused and everything -_-
but it was so weird..
it looked like a shooting star but it was too bright and large..
at first it was blue, then it turned green and then it became
a white light..
and it jus kinda dissolved and disappeared..
it came out in the news
apparently, im not the only existing kaypo left...
they came up with all these theories from UFOs to falling satellites..
medical check up tmr..
gotta sleep now..

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

4 mths this time.. wow seems like forever.. dont think anyone's gonna see this.. a gd thing =] woke up crying today.. kinda weird.. never happened before.. i think im gonna keep this blog.. aka update more often.. ive come to forget how soothing and relieveing it is to blog..

Tears blur out my vision
blind to the outside world.
everythings unclear
then suddenly,
a teardrop stains the page
and I can see again.
But its too late
Too late to wipe away the tear
To erase all evidence of it
The damage has already been done.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!
five whole months..
lol and im back...
my computer has been dead for 5 mths..
they changed the headboard 5 times before they figured out it wasnt the problem.
oh well.. im back =]
not for long.. too many assignments..
so little time..
i'll be baaaack..

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

once again, this entry is for kam.. lol ur the only one who reminds me to update.. dammit i wish u were here.. we wld prolly paint the whole city pink.. or knowing u, grey or depressing blue or smth..
one thing i miss most is everyone's voices.. and their laughter.. it so weird, no more familiar giggles and snickers..
goodness its cold.. its been really cold the last few days.. summer's ending.. daylight savings is gonna end too.. lol in spore my hands used to freeze up in low temperatures.. here's they're permanently popsicles.. some of my friends here call me demon child cuz they're forever cold.. i think i have bad circulation..
sigh i've sooooo much assignments and stuff.. its crazy.. one subj im really struggling with is chemistry.. on top of it being difficult and me totally dispicing the subj, my lecturer and my prac and tute teacher are the worst teachers ever.. my tute/prac teacher hates me.. no clue why.. i ask her a question or two during prac and she snaps back.. geez.. shes always bragging how she's been teaching for 16 years and how shes soooooo good at everything.. she cant even pronounce zero, she says "geelo".. lol but shes the once asian teacher i have..

all my other teachers and lecturers are nice.. my history of ideas teacher is reaaaaaally nice.. hes soooooo funny, u have no idea.. really funky and 'down with the times'.. lol he curses and swears during tutes (humourously, of course) alot jus to make us laugh..

ok.. dunno what else to say now.. so till my next attempt to update, tata! muah..

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what u needa know abt me

name: varsha
age: 17
i dont know what else to say.

when ur bored, what do u do?

bounce out flysui
bubble wrap
hold the button
reflex tester

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